RHOC's Tamra Judge thinks that Vicki Gunvalson is lying about her injuries from the ATV accident they had in Glamis. Tamra suspects that Vicki is exaggerating her pain for extra attention.

Tamra interviewed with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Monday night to discuss a wide range of topics following the perilous episode on The Real Housewives of Orange County last week. She acknowledged that even though Vicki was badly injured after the accident, she doesn't believe it's as serious as Vicki is making it out to be.

Scheming to get attention?

‘Yeah, yeah, I think she was exaggerating, only because I had a nurse on site [who said] as soon as she saw she hit the ground she was like, ‘Oh my neck hurts’ when prior to that she’d been all like ‘What just happened?'” Tamra said about Vicki right after the accident.

Judge said Gunvalson was able to move her neck from side-to-side rapidly before she was put in a neck brace. Tamra added that it's "the quiet ones you need to worry about, not the ones who are like ‘ugh!'"

Tamra Judge says Vicki is manipulating the situation to her advantage to get back at the other women after the cancer scandal last season with her ex-boyfriend.

On the latest RHOC episode, Vicki said she just wants to be friends again with all of the other women and get past all of the things that drove them apart.

Vicki Gunvalson wrote on her Bravo blog that she "actually downplayed" the injuries because she was afraid someone would accuse her of "exaggerating" them. Her worst fear is coming true.

Vicki forgave Meghan King Edmonds for not showing up at the hospital to see her.

It was assumed that there would be a feud between Gunvalson and Edmonds after she expressed a lack of compassion following the incident, but Vicki accepted her apology. There's certainly going to be tension between Vicki and Shannon Beador. Shannon is irritated with Vicki for coming off as the victim "again."

Trouble ahead?

With Tamra charging that Vicki of embellishing her injuries, this could be a sign of trouble ahead for the two women.

Ironically, Tamra was the one defending Vicki when she called out Meghan and Shannon for not going to see Vicki at the hospital. She explained to them how serious the accident was and angrily went off over their treatment of Vicki during her time of need. Now Tamra thinks Vicki is lying about how severe her injuries are for the sake of attention.

Is there an explosive feud ahead on RHOC between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge?

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