“Real Housewives of Orange County” stars watched Monday night as Meghan King Edmonds and her husband Jim Edmonds dealt with some difficult news when it came to her pregnancy. The couple had been hoping to find out that they were expecting healthy twins, but it turned out that they were having one baby instead. The “rhoc” star struggled a bit in the wake of this news, but her current social media posts show that she's doing well now and can't wait to welcome her baby.

How far along is the 'RHOC' star now?

As the heartbreaking moments were airing Monday night, Meghan King Edmonds tweeted that she is now seven months pregnant and she's enjoying every second of it. However, she notes that at the time of filming this episode and learning that she wasn't carrying twins, the loss of what she had hoped and expected felt very real.

This will be the “RHOC” star's first childand the fifth for hubby Jim. The couple is expecting a baby girl and while there have been rumors of issues in this marriage, Meghan noted that she was glad that Jim could be there during that difficult moment shown in the last episode and she insists that all is well and that Jim is thrilled to be having another child.

Meghan is sharing plenty of baby updates

Edmonds has been sharing a lot of photos via social media as she prepares for the baby's arrival, noting that the nursery is ready and even sharing a selfie of her in a bikini at the beach showing off her baby bump. The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star has taken some heat on social media for how things played out with the loss she felt in this week's episode, but it looks like she's staying strong and focusing on the baby girl who will be making her debut soon.

Will Jim Edmonds be by his wife's side as she wraps up baby prep and soon welcomes their first daughter together? Will this “RHOC” marriage survive despite the rumors swirling? “Real Housewives of Orange County” fans are loving the progress being shown in the current episodes and cannot wait to see the reality television star welcome her first baby in just a couple more months.

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