Shannon Beador was invited by Tamra Judge to join everyone in Glamis on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she opted out. Tamra told her that everyone, including Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd, would be at her husband's birthday celebration. From the viewers' perspective, this didn't go over particularly well with Shannon. While she claimed it wasn't the reason she declined, no one believes her.

Shannon follows doctor's orders

Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson used to be friends, but have gone their separate ways. Shannon grew weary of the drama surrounding Vicki when it came to her ex-boyfriend's cancer diagnosis, and the fact that she didn't keep certain conversations between them when Shannon told Vicki about her husband's infidelity.

Shannon insists that the reason she didn't go to Glamis was because of her lung condition and how the sand would've caused potential problems.She wrote in her Bravo blog that she has permanent damage to her bronchial tubes and has fought pneumonia 16 times. On top of that, she can easily catch a lung infection.

"One of the stupidest things I could do would be to travel to a windy sand dune where I could inhale tiny particles of sand. I didn't have a negative or lousy attitude, I followed the instructions of my pulmonologist. It had nothing to do with Vicki or Kelly," Shannon Beador wrote in her blog.

Vicki isn't buying Shannon's excuse

Vicki responded to Shannon's rationale in sitting out the Glamis trip.

"I figured she’d find a way to get out of going and I was right. I call 'BS' on her pulmonary doctor saying he didn’t want her to go," Vicki Gunvalson wrote in her blog post.

Monday's episode of RHOC was scary, as the dune buggy Tamra, Vicki, Kelly, and Heather Dubrow were riding in rolled over violently.

Tamra and Vicki were seriously injured. As Vicki blogged, she suffered a severe concussion and neck injury. Vicki shared that she thought she was paralyzed.

Shannon Beador has forgiven Vicki Gunvalson, but has no desire to pick up where they left off before everything fell apart.

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