Meghan King Edmonds had a milestone moment during her pregnancy on the latest episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." She and her husband, Jim Edmonds, were able to see an ultrasound of their new baby. Unfortunately, the other baby wasn't seen on the monitor.

Meghan King Edmonds and husband grieve

Meghan wrote in her Bravo blog that she didn't want people to "undermine" the pain she felt for losing the other embryo. She was hoping both embryos took, but the baby boy didn't make it. She found out she was pregnant with a girl.

The news was both exciting and sad.

Meghan King Edmonds spent a lot of time in her blog asking people to understand why she was so upset even though she and Jim are still expecting a baby. As she put it, it doesn't replace the loss of the other baby.The "RHOC" star shared in her post that Jim was so devastated he made a heartbreaking request at their next appointment. She wrote that he asked the doctor to look again on the ultrasound to see if the other baby could be found.This demonstrates how sad it was for Jim to lose the other baby.

Earlier in the season he was seen as uncaring and not at all interested in having another child.

Jim Edmonds' softer side seen

Since the show has aired in season 11, fans have questioned Jim's support of his wife and whether he's on board with having another baby. He's already the father to four other children from previous relationships. Meghan was seen going through IVF treatments alone when Jim was out of town and when they had conversations about the process, he came off as indifferent.

In the last few episodes of "RHOC," Jim has been present and more by his wife's side. He was compassionate and affectionate towards Meghan when they got the news that only one baby was in the womb. She sough comfort in his arms as he reassured her everything was going to be okay.

Meghan King Edmonds has also shared a lot of photos of she and Jim on Instagram. The couple look as happy as ever as they prepare for their new arrival.

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