Meghan King Edmonds says she was in touch with Vicki Gunvalson after her horrific accident that was aired on Monday's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Although she didn't go out of her way to visit Vicki at the hospital, Meghan explains that she was communicating with her while she was there.

Meghan says she 'texted' Vicki

Ever since the show aired, Meghan King Edmonds is taking a lot of heat for coming off as unsympathetic and selfish for not seeing Vicki Gunvalson after she was airlifted to a hospital just 45 minutes away from her.

The other ladies couldn't go because they were filming rhoc hours away in Glamis.

Vicki was badly injured in an ATV accident when she and Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, and Kelly Dodd were zooming around the sand dunes,causing Tamra and Vicki to suffer serious injuries. They both had severe concussions with Vicki also suffering a neck injury.Heather and Kelly called Meghan, who lives in LaQuinta. She was closest to Vicki, but refused to see her simply because they aren't "friends."

In this week's Bravo blog post, Meghan defended her decision and claimed she was texting Vicki while she was at the hospital.

"Now if Vicki was admitted to the hospital I absolutely would've stopped by. Thankfully, Vicki was released from the ER only hours later and she and I were texting throughout her time in the hospital," Meghan wrote. "Still, after watching it, I’m shocked and grateful that no one was seriously injured."

Meghan King Edmonds added that if the situation was switched and it was she in the hospital, she wouldn't want Vicki Gunvalson to stop by and see her.

She said it would've made her "uncomfortable."

Vicki felt abandoned

RadarOnline published a report after speaking with a source close to Gunvalson who claims she felt abandoned when no one was there for her during her time of need. The insider said Vicki was "alone and afraid." She arrived at the hospital without her purse or any other belongings, so medics had to tear off her clothes.

"In fact, someone from production had to go to Target to get her clothes because hers were all cut off!" the source revealed.

The insider added that Vicki "took a two-and-a-half hour Uber home" all by herself after she was discharged from the hospital.

It doesn't sound like Meghan's texts sufficed for Vicki. Why didn't she reach out more to her and just see if there was something she could do for her before she was released from the medical facility? Those are the times a helping hand is needed and altruism shows in a person the most.

The source continued that neither Meghan King Edmonds nor Shannon Beador visited Vicki Gunvalson after her accident. Moreover, the next episode of RHOC will show how this impacts Vicki.

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