Kelly Dodd was just as baffled as everyone else at the response of Meghan King Edmonds when she was called about Vicki Gunvalson being airlifted to a hospital in Palm Springs in the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Since Meghan was close by, the women thought Meghan would offer Vicki some support.

Kelly shocked Meghan King Edmond refused to see Vicki Gunvalson

In her most up-to-date blog post on Bravo, Kelly Dodd tells fans how lucky she was that she came out of the accident without any real injuries after the dune buggy rolled over.

Since she loosened her helmet before the accident due to feeling claustrophobic, it's a miracle she didn't get hurt when it flew off during the wreck.

It was Vicki who wound up with a severe concussion and neck injury while Tamra Judge also suffered a bad concussion.

"When Heather and I heard Meghan’s reaction and reluctance to go the hospital and show support for Vicki (of course would have meant disrupting her golf game) we were beside ourselves in disbelief," Kelly wrote in her RHOC blog on Bravo.

The Real Housewives of Orange County newcomer continued that even though she and Shannon Beador aren't on friendly terms, she would've visited her in the hospital had it been her that was badly injured.

Newest RHOC cast member says things will only get worse with the ladies

"It gets worse from here folks," Dodd concluded in her blog. You think you know these women? You may be shocked at what comes next.

Stay tuned for next week."

Hmmm ... it sounds like some serious confrontations and backstabbing is to come on the show. There's been plenty of that up to this point. What else could go wrong?

It would be shocking if there wasn't a new feud brewing between Meghan and Vicki after Monday's RHOC episode. Vicki was "sad" that Meghan didn't want to visit her at the hospital in Palm Springs. No one was there for Vicki -- that's why Heather called Meghan.

Kelly Dodd didn't allude to what happens from here on out, but you can rest assured more over-the-top drama is ahead for the ladies on The Real Housewives of Orange County!

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