Is Kelly Dodd staying with her husband, Michael? By the looks of some new photos that surfaced online, it's possible. On the last episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," the troubles between Kelly and Michael were brought to the forefront and viewers saw firsthand the battles they encounter.

Michael and Kelly Dodd are hanging in there

According to new photos that Kelly posted on her Instagram account, things appear to be going well.


Kelly celebrated her birthday on Monday and several photos were snapped at her party. On Wednesday, Kelly posted some photos from her birthday celebration that show her with Michael and their daughter, Jolie. There was another photo that showed Kelly and Michael kissing.

A lot of people commented on the photos with their enthusiasm and support. One wrote that it's obvious Michael loves Kelly and several others chimed in that it's great to see them working on their marriage.


The photos contradict what was shown on "RHOC" on Monday. Kelly Dodd was in distress over her marriage and questioned whether she should go through with divorcing Michael because she says he's controlling. As fans know, the pair were separated for two years before reconciling. Things have been less than perfect, however. Kelly broke down in tears when she told the other women about the turmoil in her marriage.

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Previews for the second half of "RHOC" season 11 revealed that more episodes will show the dysfunction between Kelly and her husband. A scene of the cast at a party shows Michael stumbling around drunk and Kelly confronting him about harassing someone.

Staying together?

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" wrapped filming months ago, but it doesn't look like Dodd is going to leave Michael. As she expressed on the last episode, she doesn't want her relationship with Jolie to change if she and her father split up.

Although things are rocky between the two, they could be finding a way to make things work.

Do the photos on Instagram mean that Kelly Dodd is staying with Michael for good?

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