Heather Dubrow says that soon The Real Housewives of Orange County will be stuffed with all kinds of crazy. If fans thought they've seen the most shocking scenes this season has to offer, think again.Heather interviewed with The Jenny McCarthy show on Friday to spill a few thoughts about how things shaped up after the harrowing ATV accident in Glamis, California that was aired on the latest rhoc episode.

Vicki's condition will change up relationships

With Vicki Gunvalson sustaining the worst injuries of the cast, it has put her a unique position.

Her condition will be the crux of what Heather Dubrow says changes everything pertaining to relationships on the show.Heather was in the ATV when it rolled over on the sand dunes. With her was Vicki, Tamra Judge, and Kelly Dodd. In a shocking twist, Heather and Kelly came together more than they ever have. Vicki and Tamra were injured and had to be airlifted out of Glamis, but Heather and Kelly remained behind with their children. Prior to the perilous wreck, the two women were at odds with one another.

Once faced with a life and death situation, they were there for each other. Heather says she gave Kelly a "restart" after the accident.

In the interview published on SiriusXM, Heather Dubrow says she also saw a different side of the newest RHOC star when she brought her daughter along.

"...When you see someone with their kid, you see someone with that part of their life, it really humanizes someone," Heather said of Kelly.

"So I appreciate that about her, and she was very, very nice to my son."

Heather was cautious about having Kelly around her children because she had concerns that her profane-laced dialogue would leak. Kelly was upset to hear about that because she insisted she never spoke in a questionable way around kids. The two have buried the hatchet after staring death in the face.

More crazy ahead

For now Heather and Kelly's relationship seems on solid footing, but Heather warns viewers that what's ahead is in stark contrast to where things are now.

“If you think that’s happened so far is insane, this is like a train that has left the station and is not stopping, and the friendships all completely shift like two more times,” Heather said.

Heather Dubrow didn't dish who'll be friends or foes in future episodes of RHOC, but none of them will stick.

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