Heather Dubrow addressed her feud with new Real Housewives of Orange County cast member, Kelly Dodd, in a detailed interview just released. She didn't hold back in her views on the season 11 newcomer when it comes to her "vile, vulgar, and unacceptable" behavior.

Will Kelly last long-term on RHOC?

Heather's in-depth interview with All About The Real Housewives touched on a series of topics, but perhaps one of the more compelling was her take on Kelly's conduct on-screen and how it can impact her longevity on RHOC.

As fans know, Kelly Dodd has a sharp tongue and doesn't mince words when she's interacting with the ladies, especially Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador.

Dodd has forged an unlikely friendship with Vicki Gunvalson. After the fiasco with Books Ayers last season, Vicki isn't exactly chummy with the other ladies on the show. In that case, it's misery loves company for Vicki and Kelly.

Heather said clearly Kelly's drama is doing something good for the show, but it's not productive for the long haul. "Personally I don’t see her being someone long term that functions with this group but, who knows? Time will tell," Heather said about Kelly.

In one of the more recent episodes on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow was seen crying and telling her husband that she didn't want anything to do with Kelly Dodd after a scene she made at the sushi party.

Heather insists that she was NOT faking her cry on the show. When asked why she was so upset, Heather said there was "a lot more to it than that" and that viewers will "hear more about it at the reunion."

Heather said it didn't help that the scene happened at a family restaurant with thin walls. There were other friends of Heather's present at the time as well.

Additionally, the 70s party proved too much, which is what spawned Heather's reaction.

Moving forward

An upcoming episode of RHOC has the women going to Glamis for Tamra's husband's birthday celebration. In the previous episode, Heather was against taking her son with her because she didn't want him exposed to Kelly's vulgar mouth.

After a dinner meeting between the two women, they agreed to just go and have a good time.

How long will their half-hearted truce really last, and will Kelly Dodd's behavior put her future in jeopardy on the show like Heather Dubrow thinks?

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