The "RHOC" cast "hates" Kelly Dodd, according to Tamra Judge. Some written messages were exposed regarding how the cast really feel about Dodd in an eye-opening exchange.

Even thoughKelly seems to be in a good place with a lot of the women in season 11, apparently things are going to change once again.Tamra reached out to Heidi Caldwell, the wife of Jeffrey Caldwell -- Kelly's ex boyfriend. Kelly got engaged to him when she was separated from her husband, Michael.

As the story goes, Kelly filed a restraining order against Heidi in 2015 for allegedly speaking inappropriately to her, and their feuds turned physical.

The restraining order was denied.

Tamra reaches out to Heidi Caldwell.

Text messages between Judge and Caldwell were released to "All About The Real Housewives." The content explicitly reveals Tamra's feelings as well as that of the other cast members.

"The cast is concerned, Kelly is scary crazy! Complete trash," Tamra wrote.

Judge informs Heidi about how Dodd has talked of her and her husband. She figured Heidi ought to know after getting a glimpse of Kelly's arrest papers and restraining orders (Kelly has had two filed against her).

Tamra continued to proclaim in her messages that everyone in the "RHOC" cast thinks Kelly Dodd is a terrible person and that it didn't take long for them to see it.

"She is horrible and disturbed. It took us 15 minutes to figure that out," Judge wrote.

Kelly plays the 'victim'.

Judge expressed to Caldwell how puzzled she was that Dodd was still obsessing about her and her husband after two years. She let Caldwell know that she tried helping the "RHOC" newcomer, but to no avail.

Tamra admitted to feeling sorry for her in the beginning and was nice to her most of the season -- even making excuses for her conduct. The "RHOC" star added in her text message that Kelly "plays the victim."

On a final note, Tamra Judge told Heidi Caldwell that Dodd upset her so much thatshe almost hit her.

"She pushed my buttons so bad I almost hit her once," Tamra confessed. "The cast HATES her. Except for Vicki.”

Vicki Gunvalson and Meghan King Edmonds have been the closest to Kelly Dodd of all the cast members. To hear Tamra tell it, she's lucky to have anyone in her corner.

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