Kim Richards may have a new boyfriend. As the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star celebrated Labor Day weekend, she took to Instagram, where she posted a closeup of herself and a mystery man.

"Such a great Labor Day weekday!!" Richards wrote along with her photo. "So beautiful in the mountains and so much fun." In the picture, Richards was seen with her sunglasses on and so was her mystery man.

WhileRichards didn't come right out and say that the man in the photo is her new boyfriend, she did confirm to a fan that she found him to be "hot" and revealed to another than he was definitely not her father.

As for the mystery man's identity, that remains a mystery as shedid not share any further details.

Kim Richards had a rocky 2015 after suffering an alcohol relapse after years of sobriety

Kim Richards has struggled with substance abuse for many years and in early 2015, after years of staying sober, she suffered an alcohol relapse, which ultimately led to two arrests. In April of that year, Richards drank an alcoholic beverage at the home of her daughter and proceeded to drive to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where she enjoyed a few more cocktails before being asked to exit the venue. After refusing to leave, cops were called and ultimately, Richards received several charges, including public intoxication and battery on a police officer.

Months later, Richards was accused of theft after she allegedly stole over $600 worth of items from a Target in Van Nuys, California. The incident took place during filming on the 6th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and many of Richards' co-stars were seen reacting to the news. Meanwhile, due to her sobriety concerns, Richards' full-time role was removed from the series.

Kim Richards returned to 'RHOBH' part-time in 2015

After going to rehab and regaining her sobriety, Richards returned to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but only in a part-time role. During the season, Richards filmed with her sister, Kyle, and her longtime friend, Brandi Glanville.

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