It looks like "Real Housewives of Atlanta" husband Peter Thomas has found himself in legal hot water again. This isn't the first time that Peter has been sued but this time around it could cost him $150,000.According to some recently uncovered court documents, Peter Thomas has been hit with a lawsuit and he has been accused of defrauding Atlanta-based investor Tony Taylor. The lawsuit is reportedly filed in North Carolina and targets Thomas' new nightclub Club One.

Peter Thomas hit with a lawsuit over Club One investment

Tony Taylor claims that Peter talked him into investing in Club One.Taylor contends that Peter initially told him that he planned on investing millions of his own money into the club. Additionally, he told the investor that he was getting his own Bravo spin-off called "What's Peter Doing Now" and that there were plans to film for his new reality TV show inside the club.Based on Peter Thomas' claims about his upcoming projects, Taylor believed there would be no need for marketing the club because the reality TV show should have taken care of that.

The problem is, there doesn't seem to be any spin-off show.

According to reports, Tony Taylor claims that Peter Thomas contacted him multiple times about investing in his North Carolina nightclub. He said that Peter told him that he would have an active role in managing the club and that in exchange for his $150,000 investment, Taylor would be entitled to a 15 percent return. Taylor also says he was led to believe he would have access to the financial records of Club One any time he wanted to ensure that he was getting a fair return on his investment.

In his lawsuit against "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Peter Thomas, Tony Taylor argues that he has nothing to prove that he has any ownership interest in Club One. He is asking to have his investment of $150,000 returned and is asking to have the case go to trial by jury.

Not the first lawsuit for 'RHOA' alum Peter Thomas

This isn't Peter's first lawsuit for allegedly defrauding an investor either.

Back in 2014, the "RHOA" star was slapped with another lawsuit to the tune of $100,000 when he broke the lease on his Atlanta nightclub Bar One. That lawsuit claimed that Peter failed to pay rent, property taxes, and utilities on the club.

Right now it's not looking good for Peter Thomas, who separated from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Cynthia Bailey earlier in the year and only learned that she planned to divorce rather than reconcile with him when she spoke out in a July 2016 interview.

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