Even though Nick Viall's season of "The Bachelor" 2017 won't start airing until January, Nick has now started filming. Yesterday Chris Harrison was sharing on his Instagram that he was at the mansion along with Ben and Lauren. Reality Steve is sharing the news about four of the girls that will be trying to win Nick's heart this season.

What has Nick done so far?

Fans know Nick Viall from being on the show three times in the past. Now he is starting to film the show, but that doesn't even start until today or tomorrow.

Nick is already out there, and the girls all showed up yesterday. They always cut a few right before filming so hopefully all of the girls that Steve is sharing are on the show. Mike Fleiss shared a few hours ago on Twitter that it was almost time for the limos to start arriving.

Who are the new girls joining the show?

So far, Reality Steve only has 11 of the girls that will be on this season. He said if past girls are going to be there then he doesn't know who they are just yet. One girl this season is a gorgeous blonde by the name ofLacey Mark.

She is 25 and from New York, NY. This girl does have a job and is the Associate Manager of Community and Content at Bliss Cosmetics.

Another girl is a brunette by the name ofLeila Pari.She is just 23 and is from San Diego, but currently living in LA as a model and singer/songwriter. Of course, everyone is going to wonder if she is there for the right reasons or if it is all about her career.

There is another brunette on the show that is namedKristina Schulman.

She is from Lexington, Kentucky and raduated from the University of Kentucky. She is working as a dental hygienist.Elizabeth Whitelaw is another blonde who happens to be from Chicago. She now lives in Texas and is amarketing associate manager for Robin Technologies.

Are you excited to see Nick Viall on "The Bachelor" 2017? Do you think that he will finally find love this season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes starting in January.

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