There is never any shortage of drama among the ladies of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” but fans cannot deny that when Vicki Gunvalson is in the mix of things, chaos is virtually guaranteed. The “RHOC” star is heading up what she calls a new cancer charity, but some of her co-stars are not being shy about dogging on her efforts. Now Vicki is fighting back and fans will definitely be taking sides over this one.

Tamra Judge questions her co-star's charity project

In her latest Bravo blog post, Tamra Judge detailed that she was a bit skeptical about Vicki Gunvalson's plans regarding her new Kill All Cancer charity.

Tamra wrote that it felt as if Vicki's explanation of the new program seemed more intent on making money and downplaying any role in Brook Ayers' cancer scam than on helping people.

Naturally, Gunvalson didn't exactly take this criticism sitting down. As Radar Online details, the “RHOC” star says that any money donated to the Kill All Cancer program will go directly to a nonprofit and that none of the money stays with the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star's program. Vicki goes on to detail that every effort has been made to make the program transparent and valuable.

Vicki Gunvalson is fired up over Judge's accusations

Not only is Gunvalson pushing back against Judge's accusations, a production insider for Radar Online claims that Tamra was simply trying to be relevant and that she is always dogging on Gunvalson. Of course, Judge isn't the only “RHOC” star who is a bit leery of this whole situation, but it looks like Tamra's blog post instigated an intense reaction that Vicki couldn't let slide.

Gunvalson may be defending herself and firing back, but online commentary would indicate that Tamra isn't the only one who doubts the legitimacy of Vicki's big project.

Whose side are you on in this latest “Real Housewives of Orange County” battle? Is Vicki Gunvalson's Kill All Cancer project legitimate or does Tamra Judge raise some good points in questioning her co-star's motives and foundation set-up?

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