Season 3 of “The Real Housewives of Melbourne is wrapping up Friday night and fans cannot wait to watch the ladies face one another at the reunion show. Will there be drama? Will “RHOMelbourne” return for Season 4? There is plenty of chaos on the way and viewers will not want to miss this one.

A juicy reunion show is on the way

All About the Tea notes that the “Real Housewives of Melbourne” reunion special will include some updates on Gamble and Rick's wedding as everybody reflects on the event and there will be plenty of talk regarding Gina's experiences with everybody as well.

Gina reportedly will address the drama from the “Celebrity Apprentice” viewing party and she'll get some support from Susie. Viewers always expect chaos from "Real Housewives" cast members and this reunion will be no different.

There will be talk of Susie's experience with the show as a newbie and some juicy moments discussing her summer trip to California. This reunion show will not pass by the opportunity to focus on Lydia for all of the drama she caused in Season 3 and viewers can expect things to get pretty intense on this front.

Petti will find herself in the hot seat as well and she apparently will deflect any responsibility for her antics.

One reunion attendee reportedly walks off set

Spoilers tease that host Alex Perry will end up walking off at one point, annoyed by the bickering among the ladies, and it sounds as if things will get pretty heated. Will “Real Housewives of Melbourne” return for Season 4? According to TV Deets, it's seemingly on the way, although there could be some changes as cast contracts expire.

The site notes that Chyka is leaving and Lydia may be departing as well. Gamble says that she's game to return and while the network has not yet formally announced the show's renewal, given the ratings, it seems to be a sure thing. Fans have become addicted to this "Real Housewives" version and definitely want to see more.

How different will the cast look and when will the action kick back into gear again if the series does return with more drama?

“The Real Housewives of Melbourne” fans may need to hang tight for a bit regarding those details, but specifics should emerge soon after the Season 3 reunion airs.

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