Bravo has yet to actually confirm Season 2 of the "Real Housewives of Dallas" is coming, but word is that filming is currently happening. The show had been mediocre for ratings but for some reason, fans wanted more and Bravo has likely obliged.

Who is the breakout 'RHOD' star?

The star of the show isn't really clear. All of the ladies had ample screen time but one stood out among the many. LeeAnne Locken seemed to be the "high society" Dallas girl. She has a big presence in the charity world and that is what the "Real Housewives of Dallas" filmed the majority of during Season 1.

Locken and Marie Reyes were incredibly close until she ran her mouth to the ladies Locken despised. That is when things took a dramatic turn.

According to All About the Tea, LeeAnne Locken has a violent past. Marie Reyes reportedly tweeted a police report that was filed when Locken allegedly attacked her ex-boyfriend with a knife. While the charges have since been dropped and the incident has only resurfaced because of Reyes, it does raise a little concern. Locken threatened Reyes during Season 1 and it freaked her out.

While many thought she was overreacting, the police report alleges Locken has violent tendencies. The entire situation is bizarre, it is a little unsettling as well.

Marie Reyes will not return

Marie Reyes claims she was invited back to the "Real Housewives of Dallas" for a second season but declined because Bravo would not guarantee her safety from LeeAnne Locken. So instead of putting herself in a bad place, she opted not to return.

Locken's friend Tiffany will also not be returning to the show. Her reasons are not the same as Reyes' but this leaves Locken without any allies. It could make for an interesting season for LeeAnne.

Once filming gets closer to ending, Bravo will likely announce when the second season will premiere. The "Real Housewives of Dallas" will get one more shot to rake in the ratings but with what is happening with LeeAnne Locken and her friends, it is looking like Season 2 will be a wrap.

The ladies of Dallas just couldn't compete with the other housewives' franchises.

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