CBS may get slapped with a defamation lawsuit over its documentary "The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey" for unjustly accusingBurke Ramsey. Ramseywas just 9 when his sister JonBenet was murdered in their Boulder, Colorado home on Christmas, 1996. Burke has been cleared by DNA, garrote evidence, his denials, expert witnesses, lack of proof (even circumstantial evidence), his own interrogation files, lack of motive, and zero connection. Yet CBS ignored all this and fingered Burke based on pineapple, Burke's smile, parental protection, and a wicked golf swing.

Weird? Just wait, it gets weirder.

CBS dismisses DNA, garrote evidence, hangs case on pineapple

DNA evidence was found in the murdered child beauty queen JonBenet's underwear and under her fingernails. It did not match Burke Ramsey, father John Ramsey or mother Patsy Ramsey. Experts concluded that nine-year-old Burke could not have killed his sister in the manner in which she was killed. He couldn't construct the sophisticated garrote (an Indian Thuggee ligature, like a tourniquet, whichrequires a complicated knot) and probably didn't even know what it was.

He didn't have the brute strength required to bludgeon JonBenet to death, tie her up and lug her body downstairs. The so-called CBS documentary on the murdered pageant star JonBenet asserted that DNA evidence wasn't foolproof. They assert that because Burke had violently assaulted his sister before, and they both had eaten pineapple, he killed her in a fit of jealous rage.

Family lawyer L. Lin Wood goes after CBS

CBS maintains that Burke, who never showed any violence had repressed rage against his sister. In his first ever interview with Dr. Phil, Ramsey admitted to accidentally clipping JonBenet in the face with a golf club when she stood behind him. He also said they both liked pineapple (pineapple was found in JonBenet's stomach) so CBS filmmakers were sure he beat her up in jealously.

He smiled uncomfortably so everyone knew he was guilty. The same vigilantes assumed John and Patsy Ramsey were guilty because they shielded their remaining child against possible further attack and media attention. You'd think after a travesty like "The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey" the family would go after CBS. But that just shows how abused and cowed this family has been by the media and Boulder police. They're used to being suspects despite being cleared officially in 2008. Dad John Ramsey said he's done with explaining. Burke will probably always be guilty until proven innocent, even though his innocence was made clear 20 years ago.

What the family won't do, the family lawyer L. Lin Wood will. He's filing a lawsuit against CBS for "false and unprofessional attacks" and defamation against Burke Ramsey.

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