Mayte Garcia, ex-wife of famed artist Prince Rogers Nelson, will be publishing a Book about the passionate love and life they shared. Even though it ended in divorce, for many fans it was still the ultimate love story. Most everyone, Prince fan or not, has heard the basic account of Prince and Mayte by now, especially after his death has brought about the stirring up of many memories. But Mayte promises that the book, to be released in April 2017, will contain things never before known about their relationship.

The title is “The Most Beautiful” and will not be a tell-all meant to bash, but rather a sharing of memories, letters, etc., meant to enlighten and spread happiness.

Although Prince had won the hearts of women all over the world, no one had ever gotten him to settle down. Many claimed that Prince loved them, and some even went so far as to reveal that he had been engaged to them. But what really captured the attention of the world was when someone finally got the legendary Lothario to commit and settle down.

Prince gets married

And the big bombshell…the lady who made him, in the words of Beyonce, “put a ring on it” was a 16-year-old burgeoning young woman when they first met. Ironically, it was Garcia’s mother who was the huge Prince fan and helped make her daughter stand out in a sea of hopefuls. Garcia was fortunate enough to have a skill that set her apart. She was an expert belly dancer and her mother sent a tape of her dancing to Prince.

He had always displayed a fondness for and appreciation of the exotic, and Mayte certainly fit the bill.

But Prince, reminiscent of Elvis waiting for Priscilla, was a patient man. Although Mayte toured with him as a dancer, they reportedly never crossed the line while she was underage. The time apparently flew by as they laughed, danced, and fell in love. He was even moved to pour out his soul in joyful odes of love to Garcia, such as the hit song “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”.

Prince's marriage devastated by loss of children

The actual marriage only lasted two years, but it gave the world what fans longed for, even if momentarily. It couldn’t have been predicted that Prince would die such a seemingly untimely death, but with greatness the public clamors for a piece of that person’s genius to remain alive in the universe. Unfortunately their baby, Boy Gregory, died less than two weeks after he was born of a disease called Pfeiffer syndrome. And a second child was subsequently lost through a miscarriage. Garcia will reveal the triumphs and the insurmountable tragedies that eventually torpedoed their marriage, but never their love.

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