On Tuesday evening, the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars season 7 aired on Freeform. Fans were surprised at some of the events and now there are some questions. Who is dead and which characters are still alive? Was Mary Drake telling the truth? Besides discussing the summer finale, the executive producer revealed what to expect in PLL season 7B.

Who died on the 'Pretty Little Liars' summer finale?

There were multiple victims on the last episode of PLL, but not all of them are dead. Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) is definitely a goner because his head was cut off.

However, what about the others? Did Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok) kill Spencer Hastings, played by Troian Bellisario? Did Toby Cavanaugh's (Keegan Allen) car accident leave Rosewood with another dead character?

Is Spencer Hastings dead or alive?

Jenna shot Spencer and her prognosis doesn't look good. She was bleeding from the chest and was gasping for breath. After Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) held Spencer, she closed her eyes and her chest stopped heaving. This made many PLL fans believe that Spencer died on Pretty Little Liars.

However, executive producer Marlene King teased to Variety that Spencer will have an emotional storyline in season 7B. Unless it is just going to be flashbacks, this sounds like Spencer is alive.

Did Toby die in the 'Pretty Little Liars' midseason finale?

Another character viewers are concerned about is Toby Cavanaugh. While the Liars were fightingfor their lives, he was involved in a car accident.

All fans know is that he was slumped over the steering wheel and blood was running down his forehead. The executive producer wouldn't say if Toby was dead or alive. However, she did reveal that he is one of her favorite characters on the Freeform television show. She added that it would be difficult to make the "death call" to Keegan Allen.

Was Mary Drake being honest?

Another revelation on the summer finale was the identity of Mary's secret child.

Some viewers thought it was Noel, but it turns out it might be someone else. After Spencer was shot, Mary said she was her biological mother. The look on Spencer's face was shock and then she closed her eyes. In a conference call, Marlene King said Mary's confession was huge for Spencer Hastings and Pretty Little Liars. She also said the revelation was majorfor the storyline itself. This definitelymakes it sound like Mary Drake is Spencer's mother.

Spencer's storyline in 'PLL' season 7B

Finding out that she is the secret child of Mary Drake will be tough for Spencer. The PLL showrunner teased that in season 7B, it will be the main focus of Spencer's storyline, which is going to be emotional.

It will bring up a lot of conflict and inner turmoil. There will also be a lot of questions. Since season 7 is the last for Pretty Little Liars, let's hope fans get all the answers.

What was your reaction to the Pretty Little Liars season 7 summer finale?

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