Janet Jackson is getting closer and closer to her due date, with only a couple of months left before the baby is born, and now her doctors have placed her on bed rest. Jackson has not made a public appearance since July earlier this summer, but the 50-year-old singeris currently with her 41-year-old husband Wissam Al Mana and all of her doctors.

Janet Jackson's pregnancy

News of Janet's pregnancy, which prompted her to cancel her Unbreakable World Tour, officiallybroke in May of 2016, while the "No Sleeep" singer had confirmed that she would be starting a family one month prior. Although at the time, she didn't specifically revealto her fans that she was pregnant.

In a video message recorded just for her fans, Janet Jackson said that she would be delaying the second half of the tour, since she planned to start a family with her husband. A month after this, in May, it was reported that Janet was pregnant with her first child just a couple of weeks before her 50th birthday.

Continuing the Unbreakable World Tour

Janet made sure to say that the Unbreakable tour would be postponedand not outright cancelled. So this means, more than likely, that the tour will continue some months after she has given birth. The tour, which is her 7th, had originally kicked off at the end of August in 2015, travelling between the United States and Canada up until the middle of November, where she spent time in Japan.

The European leg of the tourwas going to take place all throughout the first half of 2016, but those dates were put on hold. There are countless other cities and venues Janet still has left on the tour once it's ready to be resumed.

Janet's first child

As mentioned previously, this is going to be Janet Jackson's first child.

She did talk about possibly having children with her previous boyfriend, rapper and producer Jermaine Dupri. But the couple broke up and went their separate ways before that could ever happen. Janet and Al Mana were confirmed to be married in 2013,though they had secretly gotten married in 2012.

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