As we all know, in Pokémon Go, there are many important Pokémon, which are very difficult to find and get. Today we bring you important details about how to capture the strong and strange Pokémon, better known to all of us as (Lapras), which is a Pokémon that every player of Pokémon GO wants to get, because as we know, this Pokémon is one of the most powerful and rare, due to its stamina, attack power, and combat effectiveness compared to other Pokémon, it also is a very beautiful creature. Next, we will be talking about new information revealed about this creation, and the best way to capture it.

The Lapras Pokémon

Laprasis a Pokémon of the first season of the series, inspired by a plesiosaur (a kind of marine lizard Cretaceous), the monster of Loch Ness or maybe a sea turtle. It is a very friendly creature who lives in the seas. It has a great ability to swim in all kinds of sea currents, but it prefers places of calm waters. It is worthy to note it, that this wonderful and amazing creaturehas the ability to communicate with humans and it is also closely related with other living creations in the habitat.

It is a quiet Pokémon but very powerful in thefight.

It is good to say that theyperform a migration from cold water to warm to raise their little creatures. Only the most experienced coaches may have them. They are a kind of Pokémon, which is very fond of its coach, to the point of giving its life for him or her. It alsocan perform powerful attacks like lightning, polar ice or cold.

How to capture this powerful creature?

To capture this Pokémon, it is necessary to hatch an egg of 10 km, as everyone knows, this action provides a very powerful and extremely rare Pokémon suchas Snorlax and Dragonite. It could take a long time, but it will be worth it because, with this, you get a very strong Lapras.


The secret is that in the moments before hatching it, you should evolve as much Pokémon of water as you can in order to ensure that you hatch the creature that you desire.

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