Undoubtedly, the launch of this application Pokémon GO has been a success, managing to surpass all expectations around its performance. Millions of people are enjoying this wonderful and exciting game, every day we can see how this game attracts thousands of people, through their new applications and useful tools, allowing them to achieve new innovations.

In recent days, Niantic Nintendohas announced very interesting details about a new application which will be available soon, however, this new application will have certain restrictions.

Next, we will be talking in detail about this application and the new updates revealed recently byNiantic.

The new application and its restrictions

According to new information recently revealed by a source close to Niantic, the next update of Pokémon GOwill bePokémon GO Plus, which, accordingto this source,will be available within a few days. However, not all of these changes will be available to all players.Pokémon Go Plusis completely focused on apermanentblock for those thatmisuse the game.

Additional information

According to what was said recently by this source, the version 0.37.0 for Android and iOS 1.7.0, of Pokemon GOwill prevent the players with root Android or jailbreak in Apple mobiles fromaccessing the new update, blocking permanently any possibility of playing through this interesting application, which continues accumulating several records impressively after its release. It is worth noting that according to this new information revealed by this source, users can update and install this new version, apparently without problems, however, it will not be possible to access the game.

It also said, that when players try to access the application, they will notice an incompatibility with their terminal, which does not allow them to take any other action.


It should be noted that this action is not a ban, but a lock on a particular device, so the player will have the option to play on their own account but on another terminal.

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