There is no doubt that the Pokémon Go application, every day attracts more people, but also there have been negative statistics of people who are leaving the game. According to a report several days ago, 12 million people stopped playing Pokémon GO, many people still playing and living that feeling of childhood and want to be the best in this game, maybe that's why these people did their best to capture their favorite Pokémon, entering into the sea.

The news

This video was uploaded on YouTube and is becoming popular on social networks, it is about young people who play Pokémon Go, but there is something interesting that will definitely catch the attention of readers as much as they are catching the pocket monsters themselves.

Well, what is striking is that these players, through their Pokémon Go application, detected a 'Lapras', nearby the sea, a Pokémon that is hard to find. This Creaturewas found in the water, as is known, this is a kind of Pokémon that could be found inside the water.

What did the young players do to enable catching it?

The Pokémon was in the water, and immediately they detected it, all of them ran like crazy to the sea, with all their clothes on. The news ran fast and in just minutes, there were thousands of people.Some of them went deep into the sea for the catching, but others preferred to record from the outside.

The frenzy lasted for a few hours before it was all said and done.


Some people watched with surprise as these players did not mind getting wet shoes and pants and entered to catch their preferred Pokémon, some even had to roll up their pants and take off their shoes to enter the sea. This just goes to show what kind of global impact this game is still continuing to have. If it causes large groups of people to jump into the sea without a care for their clothes or their belongings just for a chance to capture a truly rare Pokemon, that truly speaks to the effect that this game is having on people from all over the world.

Though there have been some negative events associated with the application, it doesn't seem to be losing any steam.

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