You may only know the name Perez Hilton from the people he's p'od or his notorious celebrity tousles he's had. But if you think he's justa chubby, gay celebrity gossip blogger with a razor tongue, think again. Because Perez Hilton (Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.) has undergone a magical weight loss makeover and is now one hot, buff dude. But there's more to Hilton than just a pretty face and acid pen. The LGBT advocate has joined his former nemesis Khloe Kardashian in healthy living and also swapped the trash talk and bullying for a kinder persona.

Here's a montage of Hilton so you can see for yourself.

Perez Hilton: It's about "what I look like naked"

In an interview, Hilton says he doesn't know what he weighed before and doesn't know what he weighs now because he doesn't weigh himself. He does know he's lost more than 70 pounds. Hilton doesn't bother with numbers but body size and BMI (body mass index). He only cares how he looks nude in the mirror. And that mirrorimage is totally different. Perez Hilton literally honed down his body like a pencil in a sharpener.

When he started the weight loss journey, he had a41" waist.After just three months,Hilton lost a total of 13 inches around his waist. He went from gooey belly flab to washboard abs and is almost unrecognizable.

"Queen of All Media" is now a health fanatic

Perez Hilton has struggled with obesity all of his life. With age comes lifestyle diseases and threats of more health issues. Like so many Celebrities that have lost weight, Hilton finally had enough of being overweight.

He vowed to change his habits to include daily vigorous exercise and healthier eating. To lose weight Perez advises getting a good cookbook of healthy recipes and preparing meals ahead of time for the week. This once-a-week cooking plan takes the guesswork out of calorie counting and helps ward off temptation to grab junky snacks when you're hungry.

Anti-bullying activist called out as bully

As a gay man, Hilton encountered his share of bullying.

But a fat gay man gets even more teasing. Perez Hilton joined an anti-bullying group to end gay-bashing. But the bullied was also the bully as Khloe Kardashian pointed out. He'd harassed her for years in jeers. After that Hilton had an "ah-ha" moment when he realized he needed to practice what he preached. So he vowed to tone down caustic comments. Now Perez Hilton is as quick to dish out praise. This sets a good example that bullying is bullying, whether it's LGBT, racial slurs, fat-shaming or just mean words.

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