Paulie Calafiore is setting the record straight regarding his “Big Brother” romance with Zakiyah Everette as well as rumors that he was actually engaged to another woman while he was living in the “Big Brother” house. Paulie told "Entertainment Tonigh"t that rumors that he became engaged to his hometown girlfriend right before he went into the "CBS" summertime house are totally false. "I was not engaged,” Paulie revealed. “I did propose to a woman before I went into the house, [but] she said no.

If she said no before the game, she's definitely gonna still say no outside of the game.”

Does Paulie have a future with Zakiyah?

Calafiore admitted that while the situation with his ex was on his mind while he played the “Big Brother” game, he refused to let it distract him as he set out to compete for the $500,000 jackpot on the "CBS" reality show. And as for his tumultuous showmance with fellow “BB18” contestant Zakiyah Everette, Paulie said he plans to take it one day at a time. "I know I definitely have plans to see Zakiyah and I definitely wanna take it step by step," he said.

"I got enough respect for Zakiyah to give her what I need to give her in terms of dating her."

While their reunion in the “Big Brother” jury housewas initially rocky, Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette rekindled their romance off camera as the rest of the jury house alienated them. Their relationship was called out by fellow houseguest Da'Vonnne Rogers during an explosive jury house fight.

Rogers later told reporters at the "Big Brother" finale that she thinks “Zaulie” will continue their romance outside of the house because “they really like each other.”

Why Zakiyah forgave Paulie

Even before all of the jury house drama, Zakiyah told "Us Weekly" she had hopes for a real world romance with Paulie. “Outside of the house I think he has potential,” Zakiyah said. “You never know what can happen.”

Zakiyah, who has already accepted an invitation to be Paulie’s date at the wedding of his best friend, also have her showmance a pass for some of his bad behavior in the "Big Brother” house, including the fact that he didn’t save her from the chopping block when he won the Power of Veto.

“With every action with Paulie, I feel like it was simply strategic,” Everette said. “I had a roller coaster with Paulie in the house, but I think the game had a lot to do with it.”

The new season of “Big Brother,” titled “Over The Top, will begin streaming live on Wednesday, September 28, on CBS All Access.

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