Paul Abrahamian may have lost the “Big Brother 18” game, but he has won a lifetime of “friendships.” Or has he? During the live backyard interviews following the “Big Brother” finale, Abrahamian revealed that while he was blindsided by his loss, he’s ready to get on with his life.

In his "CBS All Access" interview with “Big Brother” alum Jeff Schroeder, Paul said he thought he was a shoo-in to win the $500,000 grand prize no matter who he took to the Final 2. Abrahamian won the three-part final Head of Household competition and ultimately took Nicole Franzel to the end with him instead of James Huling.

Big Brother blindside

“Your boy never cared,” Paul said of his final “Big Brother” decision. “Thought I would win either way. Take Nicole, thought she was a sweet girl, turns out, she’s a snake.” Abrahamian attributed his loss to a “bitter jury.” He also admitted that because he’s over-the-top, he isn’t “everybody’s cup of tea,” so his bold personality may have hurt him. “I played a hell of a game,” Paul said. “If my personality gets me second place, then [that is what it is.]”

Castmate call out

Still, now that he has been released from the "CBS" summertime house, Paul Abrahamian teased that fans may not have heard the last from him.

“All these personalities that I never cared for, I had to care for,” he said. “Now that I’m out, I can tell everyone how Ireallyfeel about them … There are a lot of immature, adult babies. I’m the youngest person on the show, and you’re saying things like that?”

Paul Abrahamian seemingly had the “Big Brother” game in the bag, but show host Julie Chen thinks he may have bungled his Q&A session with the jury members during the live show.

“[Paul’s] final statement was good, but he didn’t handle those questions,” Chen said in the backyard interview. “ I would love to ask the jurors [if they flipped the votes], but maybe.”

What went wrong?

In fact, like many fans, Chen predicted that Abrahamian would win no matter who he took to the end. “My calculations show that no matter who Paul is sitting against, he wins. He has at least one more vote than the other person, ” Chen told the "Hollywood Reporter" head of the show.

But in the end, Paul Abrahamian made a fatal “Big Brother” mistake: He didn’t take the floater to the end. And the jury roundtable didn’t help him either, as Corey Brooks and Paulie Calafiore presumably made a great case for the jurors to vote for Nicole. Indeed, fans were shocked when Da’Vonne Rogers, a vocal Paul fan, ultimately voted for Nicole Franzel.

Paul Abrahamian won second place in the “Big Brother” game, netting him $50,000 instead of $500,000.

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