Paris Jackson addressed her Cyberbullies and for once, did not hold anything back E Online reports. She told her haters that even though she is a "person in the public eye" she has feelings and bullying her is "not okay."

Her plea for help

Last week, Paris posted an emotional video begging her followers and those who do not like her to stop picking on her. She said in the short clip that she had been scrutinized for so long that she isn't sure what it is like not to be trashed in the media.

Jackson asked her followers to help her figure out why she is "an easy target." She also asked if she was too open on her social media accounts because she doesn't know why she is attacked so often when other young Celebrities are not.

Jackson pleaded with her fans to help her understand what she is doing wrong because she would like to keep her social media accounts open. If things don't improve, Paris added that she would have no other choice but to make them private.

Family fears another suicideattempt

Star magazine reports that Paris' family fears that the young starlet is considering taking her own life, again. Apparently, three years ago she tried to end her life with a handful of pills and slit her wrists.Lately, the Jackson family noticed that Paris looks fragile and pale, and worries that she may try to end her lifeif the cyberbullies don't leave her alone.

Paris' frame of mind

Jackson's family stated that she often lies in bed and cries and talks about not being able to go onliving life feeling like this.

Her family is understandably upset and isn't sure what to do. At this time, they won't be admitting her into a mental health facility, but an inside source revealed they haven't ruled it out if things don't improve soon.

According to Cyberbullying Research Center, those who are victims of online bullying are twice as likely to commit suicide.

Her family is right to watch her like a hawk and get her treatment as soon as possible if her condition deteriorates.

If you feel sad or like hurting yourself, please seek treatment or reach out to someone to talk.

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