"Once Upon A Time" premieres season 6 tomorrow night. The ABC television show will feature the addition of several new characters. Besides the Land Of Untold Stories, what else can fans expect? Executive producer Edward Kitsis recently spoke about old grudges and scores being settled.

Old grudges resurface

In an interview with "TV Guide," executive producer Edward Kitsis teased that old grudges will be an issue in season 6. One of those has to be Snow and Regina. The two "Once Upon A Time" characters worked on their relationship over the past few years.

With the Evil Queen separated from Regina and causing terror in Storybrooke, that may cause Snow to think about the past.

Scores to be settled in 'Once Upon A Time'

The showrunner also hinted that there will be scores to settle when "OUAT" returns. Obviously, the Evil Queen wants Snow dead. There is also the issue of Mr. Hyde and the Land Of Untold Stories. Actress Lana Parrilla teased a few months ago to expect "multiple villains." Just how many more enemies will fans see?

Regina's magic affected by separation

Spoilers also reveal that Regina being separated from the Evil Queen will cause "many ramifications." One of those has to do with Regina's powers. In a previous report from "TV Guide," it was hinted that Regina wouldn't find out for a while that the Evil Queen was alive. However, she does know immediately that her powers are affected. This was clear in one of the sneak peek clips for "Once Upon A Time" season 6, episode 1.

Emma and Regina fail to stop Mr. Hyde

In one of the sneak peek clips, everyone is watching the mysterious airship floating over Storybrooke. Mr. Hyde appears and gloats about Rumple giving him the town. He also lets them know that the airship contains characters from the Land Of Untold Stories along with an ominouswarning. It seems not all of these characters will be innocent and needing help. Could some be so desperate to not want their tales told that they will do anything to stop it?

What do you think is going to happen in "Once Upon A Time" season 6? Find out on September 25, when ABC network begins airing new episodes.

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