"Once Upon A Time" begins airing season 6 in just over one week. Recently, more "OUAT" spoilers are coming out. It was teased that the Evil Queen will cause family and relationships to be tested. Will the villain destroy everything or will good win the war?

Family and relationships tested by the past

According to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Edward Kitsis teased that relationships and even family will be tested in "Once Upon A Time." Henry wanted to bring everyone together from the start and for the most part, that has happened. However, the Evil Queen hates Snow and can't stand happiness.

The showrunner hinted that the past is going to rear its ugly head in season 6.

Regina and Snow's relationship on 'Once Upon A Time'

The Evil Queen being Regina's alter ego led to a lot of hard feelings on the popular television show. Over the seasons, Regina and Snow worked to improve their relationship. Now, they are in a better place. However, with the Evil Queen being separated from Regina and wanting revenge, she will go after Snow. Will it destroy the hard work that was put into forgiving what happened?

Emma and Regina's friendship to get complicated

Emma Swan wants to believe that Regina can fight the Evil Queen. She also desperately wants to have faith that Regina will continue on the good path.

However, that is going to be tough for Emma. "OUAT" spoilers tease that Emma and Regina's relationship will be complicated in season 6.

The Evil Queen and Zelena

In a promo clip, the Evil Queen and Zelena are walking together. This is confusing since the synopsis stated that Regina and Zelena would consider becoming roommates.

Is it possible that Zelena will prefer the villain and even help her? Or is Regina's sister just playing along?

Will the 'OUAT' villain destroy everyone in Storybrooke?

Josh Dallas told EW that the Evil Queen wants to destroy everyone. He also stated that she would use a lot of mental manipulation. Is this what she is doing with Zelena?

Will she also try that with Regina and Henry? One thing is for sure and that is Regina will have a difficult time and face many consequences in season 6.

"Once Upon A Time" premieres September 25 on ABC network.

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