Last season on "Once Upon A Time," Emma told Hook she loved him. What made this statement special was that they were not in a life or death situation. Viewers are wondering what will happen with Captain Swan in season6. Even though they seem strong, did the executive producers hint that there might be trouble for the couple when the television show returns to ABC network?

Emma's trust issues

Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) has major trust issues on "Once Upon A Time." Given up as a child and growing up without a real family caused her a lot of problems. She was rejected and turned away more than once.

When she became pregnant at a young age, Emma ended up giving up her son for adoption. Even though she is a grown woman now, fans know that Emma had it tough, and it caused her not to trust others who try to get close. However, last season she made a huge breakthrough by telling Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) she loved him when they weren't in danger.

Captain Swan to get stronger in 'OUAT' season 6

It was previously teased that Captain Swan's relationship with blossom. However, that doesn't mean that everything will be perfect. Remember, Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer) and the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) will both cause problems for everyone in Storybrooke. It was also hinted that there could be even more villains in season 6 of "Once Upon A Time." Will one of more of these individuals try to cause trouble between Hook and Emma?

Trouble for Hook and Emma in 'Once Upon A Time'

According to TVLine, the executive producers were asked about Captain Swan. It was teased that no relationship is a fairy tale. This will surely cause some "OUAT" fans to worry about Hook and Emma. Will they survive the obstacles or is the romance doomed?

Will this fairy tale relationship last?

There are so many fans rooting for Captain Swan that it seems doubtful they will break up. Every relationship has problems once in a while. Even in Storybrooke, nothing is perfect. However, fans are confident that Hook and Emma will work their way through it.

Do you think Hook and Emma will last on "Once Upon A Time?" Season 6 premieres on ABC network on September 25.

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