Once Upon A Time airs season 6 in just a few weeks. Fans are excited to find out what is going to happen with Regina and the Evil Queen. Learn all the OUAT spoilers that were released regarding Lana Parrilla's two characters.

Regina will still be sassy and sarcastic

There were rumors that Regina would be too soft after her separation from the Evil Queen. However, Once Upon A Time showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis revealed that is not quite true. Regina was not split in half; she took a piece of herself out, which is a bit different. Also, Parrilla herself said that her character will still be sassy and full of sarcasm in season 6.

The Evil Queen goes after Snow in 'Once Upon A Time'

Even though the villain is not pleased with Regina, her first target is someone else. As OUAT fans guessed, the big bad is after Snow. Horowitz teased that Ginnifer Goodwin's character needs to prepare to battle the Evil Queen. However, the villain may have something on her side. Several years ago, a plan was put in place. In present day Storybrooke, it will bear fruit. All viewers know is that it has to do with Snow and Charming's (Josh Dallas) past.

Regina and Zelena become roomies in 'Once Upon A Time'

Those curious about Regina's relationship with her sister, Zelena, should like this spoiler. It turns out that the two will continue to bond and even become roommates.

Something tells me that this won't be all fun and games.

Sword fighting in Storybrooke

Mr. Hyde, portrayed by Sam Witwer, will have a lot of Storybrooke residents trying to stop his plans. This might includeLana Parrilla's character. The actress revealed on her official Facebook page that she learned to sword fight.

It was later speculated that she uses a sword to fight Mr. Hyde.

Regina and Emma's relationship

Regina and Jennifer Morrison's character, Emma Swan have always had a complicated relationship. However, over the past few years, it seemed that the two were understanding each other. There were times when they could even be considered friends.

With the Evil Queen out of Regina's body, it might make her relationship with Emma even more complicated.

Henry and the Evil Queen

Jared Gilmore said at Comic-Con that the Evil Queen will consider Henry her son. While it does make sense that Henry now has three mothers (Regina, Emma and the Evil Queen,) the villain can't possibly have any parental feelings towards the boy. Or can she? One theory is that Henry will use the relationship to stop the big bad. It is a wild speculation, but anything can happen in Storybrooke.

Regina is at war with the Evil Queen

In a promo clip for OUAT, Regina tells her alter ego that she is supposed to be dead. The Evil Queen tells Regina that killing her isn't that easy.

For those wondering how she was able to survive the separation without a heart, that will be explained in the television show.

Once Upon A Time airs new episodes on September 25.

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