Filmmaker Oliver Stone, whose latest movie “Snowden,” tells the story of the traitor Edward Snowden who gave NSA secrets to the Russians, mused about 9/11 recently, Deadline Hollywood reported. During his musings, he implied that President George W. Bush must have known in advance that the 9/11 attacks were going to happen. “In a sense, you might think that they let it happen because it helped their agenda, which they put through with the Patriot Act and many other things, the war in Iraq.”

Stone had preceded his observation by noting that various agencies such as the CIA and the FBI had parts of the story which, had they been put together, would have revealed the plot before it was executed.

He did not mention, as the 9/11 Commission did, that the reason for this lack was a Clinton-era law that forbade intelligence agencies and law enforcement from communicating with one another.

Oliver Stone is no stranger to conspiracy theories. His film, “JFK,” depicted the Kennedy assassination as the result of a plot by a number of right-wing elements inside and outside the government at the time. While the theory is ludicrous on its face, a great many people believe it, unable to comprehend that a pathetic communist like Lee Harvey Oswald could take down the president of the United States and change the course of world history with a few well-placed rifle shots.

Interestingly, Stone has not gone full-bore 9/11 truther.

The 9/11 conspiracy theorists believe that the twin towers were brought down by controlled detonations and that the Pentagon was hit by a missile. Others have suggested that the airliners were flying under remote control and that the people thought to have died in them are being kept in a secure location or were eliminated quietly.

The purpose of the conspiracy is similar to Stone’s idea that Bush knew and let it happen, as a justification for war and political repression.

Ironically, one of Stone’s better Movies, “World Trade Center,” was a straight, politics and conspiracy free account centering on a number of firefighters who were trapped in one of the buildings when it collapsed but who were subsequently rescued.

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