The titles of episodes 59-61, which we presented on Tuesday, have recently been confirmed. Yes, the official synopsis of each episode is out indeed, with their respective titles, so we know that our sources are very reliable and therefore we can publish them. To start off, in summary, we already know that there are two major deaths (one of them is present Zamasu’s and the other’s is the Kaioshin Gowasu’s) and Trunks return to the future. There is some confusion because they believe that by eliminating the present Zamasu all is settled, but that’s not the case.

Now we’ll you show the official synopsis:

Episode 59 - protect Kaiō-shin Gowasu - destroy Zamasu

Synopsis: Since future Zamasu is wearing a pair of potara earrings that only the Kaioshin is entitled to use, Goku and others conclude that Gowasu’s life is in danger. They rush off to get to universe 10!

Chapter 60: Back to the future: Goku Black’s identity revealed

Given the evidence that Zamasu killed Gowasu, the god of destruction Bills eliminates Zamasu. If Zamasu of the present has been destroyed then the future Zamasu also has to disappear, but Trunks feels uneasy about this so he goes to the future to check things out.

Chapter 61: Zamasu’s ambition: Presenting the ‘Zero Mortals Plan’

The synopsis has not been revealed yet.

Well as we can see, deaths of two main characters have been confirmed, one is Gowasu’s, the Kaioshin from universe 10 and the others is present Zamasu’s, who will be killed by Bills. We shouldn’t confuse that if he has died in this temporal timeline, he has also died on the other one. It is very unlikely, so we know that Zamasu, is still present in the future.

In fact, the next episode confirms this. Many of you wonder about the identity of Black. Everything indicates that he is either a creation or Black’s dark side overpowered by Zamasu. Well that's up to our own judgment, all theories are valid.

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Dragon Ball Super episode 59 preview HD

Dragon Ball Super episode 59-61 spoilers - title and summary revealed!

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