Nadya Suleman, also known as "octomom," hasn't been in the spotlight for a while but she recently opened up about the questionable decisions she's made to pursue a career in the porn industry. The 41-year-old became famous after giving birth to eight babies following an IVF procedure. Prior to that, she had six children through the same procedure. The mother of 14 has made headlines for taking desperate measures to make ends meet.

Octomom did what she had to for family

Suleman tells Women's Day magazine in a revealing interview that she turned to stripping and porn to keep food on the table for her large family.

In a shocking revelation, Nadya explains that she had to “kill off” her “vile” character to salvage her reputation and raise her children the best she could.

Octomom had a way of making putting off people because she came off as an opportunist who wanted handouts from the public. Years ago, she was in the News for applying for government benefits and the public was outraged. She ended up being charged with welfare fraud. She's also had her share of home foreclosures and bankruptcy filings.

She's burned a few bridges

In an overview of USA Today, Nadya has burned more than a few bridges along the way. That includes everyone who's ever tried to help her. Among those she's peeved are nannies, publicists, lawyers, and good Samaritans.

In spite of the trail of destruction she's left behind, Nadya Suleman insists she's worked hard to provide for her children.

“Everyone thinks I had all these donations and help, but I didn’t,” Nadya said.

“I did everything on my own and paid for everything out of my own pocket.”

Nadya added that there was a two-year period that was so dark, she was "on the verge of homelessness," but overcame it and stopped working in the porn industry. She knew that she didn't want to put her children on TV, so she returned to her profession as a psychiatric nurse.

Octomom said the path she took as a stripper and porn star wrecked havoc on her life and led to her feeling "dehumanized" and "exploitative." As she says in her interview, she's come full circle and is now on the right path.

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