octomom Nadya Suleman has to pay all her bills alone and that's why she made porn videos. The celebrity mom had no help raising her family of 14 kids including IVF octuplets. At least that's what she said. But the single mom neglected to mention her welfare payments and a hefty disability settlement. Octomom also seems to have forgotten all the assistance from her parents, which probably contributed to their own bankruptcy. These are just a few of the bridges Suleman burned and which if she hadn't may have enabled her to avoid doing porn and stripping--which she so hates--to feed her family.

Octomom goes it alone except for food stamps

Nadya Suleman is ashamed of her former careers as a porn star and stripper but she also claims to have had no choice. It was either that or she and her 14 kids would starve and be homeless. She said in an interview that everyone thinks she had donations to help her raise her brood. But, no, she had to pay for everything by herself. Now, several "but waits" leap to mind. Parents have to pay their children's bills. She's not special. Also, the 14 kids were her decision to have. She paid to have the octuplets implanted by in-vitro fertilization when she already had 6 childrenon welfare. She was convicted on welfare fraud and was found to receive $2,000 a month in food stamps alone (she probably got Medicaid too as that's the easiest form of state aid to get, typically).

Back injuries, babies and burnt bridges, oh my

Octomom lied and said she wasn't receiving public assistance then; that she paid for the IVF with "her own money." But she also got a hefty settlement from a back injury at work. She received disability payments through 2008 which were reportedly used to fund the IVF.Suleman claims she used her own private money for IVF, butshe was unemployed and on welfare.

The state frowns on folks getting money on the side when it is footing the bills. Nadya's habit of not reporting all income caught up with her, finally.It's also curious that a person with a back injury bad enough to earn disability could have one baby let alone octuplets. She must have had a miraculous recovery as she went on to do boxing.

Octo-grandma and grandpa provided tons of help too, but they got burned out caring for the huge Suleman family. They ended up filing bankruptcy. But now Nadya is back in psychiatric nursing she says. You have to wonder why she didn't go back to that job before and avoid the porn if she hates it so much? She also plans to finish her Master's but where will the money for that come from?

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