octomom Nadya Suleman has been known as many things but college student isn't one of them. The bankrupt single mom of 14 conceived octuplets with IVF while on welfare and disability, scammed food stamps, got tons of plastic surgery on welfare, did porn, rang up $1 million in unpaid debt, estranged her parents, drove them to bankruptcy, and reportedly neglected her kids, However it seems college will be added to her many accomplishments. Octomom eschewed her porn career and says she's returned to psychiatric nursing (her former career) and will finish her Master's degree.


After all this financial mismanagement and drain on public assistance, the question is who will foot her tuition bill? 

Welfare cheat further cheats tuition grants?

So Nadya Suleman was convicted of welfare fraud by not claiming money made on porn videos in her food stamps report. But were her Medicaid and other possible sources of public assistance taken away? She got a hefty disability settlement for a supposed back injury but was able to get implanted with 8 embryos with IVF shortly afterwards.

Many felt that Nadya was a professional scammer --period, by procuring invitro fertilization treatments as a single mom with six kids already on welfare. When the octuplets were born alive and well, that bumped her up to 14 children and qualified her for $2,000 a month from food stamps benefits alone. Nadya denied ever getting foods stamps and it was assumed she was lying about other forms of assistance as well. So now that this past scammer has decided to go back to university it's assumed she'll file for tuition grants to cover it. 

Nadya Suleman can't double dip, or can she? 

Nadya (the stage name Suleman wants to be known by) denied getting plastic surgery (lip implants, boob job, maybe tummy tuck), fake eyebrows and costly Brazilian blowouts while receiving public aid but she was proved to have.

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Octomom rang up over $1 million in debt even with the welfare. Octomom denies a lot of things, saying in a recent interview that she "pays for it all herself" (conveniently forgetting welfare, disability, et at). She declared bankruptcy and auctioned her home (which she reportedly received lots of financial help to get). She resorted to stripping and making porn movies to feed her kids and avoid homelessness, she says. Suleman clearly has no money, or does she? Did the porn career pay so well that she can afford a new home, 14 children, and tens of thousands for college?

She's reportedly returned to nursing but it's wondered, if she was a nurse why she went into pornography? And if that wouldn't feed and house her kids then, how will it now cover all that plus tens of thousands in tuition? Does she plan to take out loans with all this financial trouble on her record? Or, as so many have said, is this just another of Octomom's attention-seeking delusions?