You may recall the tiff between Meek Mill and The Game over the weekend. Both of them had exchanged diss tracks because Game is of the view that Meek snitched on him when Sean Kingston was robbed in a nightclub in Los Angeles. However, there is a new report which states that nothing of that sort happened between the two. Let us closely analyze how.

The name of Game is not mentioned in Police report

A police report was filed concerning Kingston’s robbery in which name of Game or his real name, Jayceon Taylor, was not mentioned. As per the claims of Compton MC, Meek tried to hold people of Game responsible for the attempted robbery.

If that is true, the name of Taylor has to be present somewhere in the report. But his name is not there.

According to the attorney of Kingston, Michelle Larusso, her client did not bring the Game when the investigation was taking place. Moreover, Sean did not even bring the matter forth to LAPD members.

Kingston sued L.A. Penthouse Nightclub

Kingston retained Michelle Larusso to file a lawsuit against the L.A. Penthouse Nightclub where the robbery took place. He claimed that the security of the venue was not efficient enough to avert theft. Therefore, he has decided to sue the club for $900k.

In addition, Kingston’s attorney, Michelle Larusso stated that when there was an ongoing investigation, Game was not brought by her client.

Kingston supported the report

Kingston was in favor of the report over the weekend. He stressed that Meek did not say anything to anyone. He continued that Meek is his close friend, and they never speak ill of each other. He further added that when the robbery was taking place, he kept moving and left the club with Meek.

Perspectives of Meek regarding Game

Meek believes that Game intends to seek publicity for the Compton rapper’s new 1992 album. He discarded all the allegations in relation to snitching.

It is quite common among celebrities to quarrel. Their prevalent war of words is the real spice for the ordinary public and fans alike.

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