Larry King Live was the most popular and one of the highest rated shows to ever be produced on CNN and Wendy Walker was in the thick of it. Notorious is due to premiereon 22 September and ABC tells us that the story is based on the relationship Wendy had with the real life Mark Geragos, a criminal attorney. Wendy is acting as executive producer for the Notorious series. So just how true-life can we expect this fictional series to be?

With the blend of Reality TV and a fictional series, it is expected that Notorious will satisfy the reality TV followers and those who love the legal / crime dramas.

Others who might watch are the viewers who enjoyed CSI and NCIS and of course, the biggest audience attraction just might come from those millions of viewers of Larry King Live during the height of its popularity between 1985 and 2010. This could be a very big drawcard for ABC as Wendy was the producer for Larry King for years and the real-life relationship she had working with Geragos involved not only breaking the newsbut crafting it as well.

Walker was all over the Larry King Live production

Larry King Live was awash with infamous news stories, and while Larry himself boasted he never read the books of authors he interviewedor did too much research into the characters who passed before him, you can bet that Wendy Walker was all over it.

It can be argued that the media is the new judge and jury as famous people who are tarnished by society misdeeds are often said to have endured a trial by media and let's be honest, the media are in it for the sensation, for the ratings, and for the prestige.The media is extremely powerful and are quite capable of fictionalizingalmost anything even in real life stories.

Both the OJ Simpson trial and more recently, that of Oscar Pistorius jump to mind straight away when we think of media and famouscrime dramas.

Wendy Walker had years of experience in finding the nuggets behind the story and crafting them into something we all wantedto believe, so her role behind the scenes of Notorious will be invaluable.

The series is based on so-called real events although obviously, the innocent people in these stories will have to be carefully protected. Fiction or reality, Walker is unlikely to have any problem at all presenting all the stress, the drama, the power fights and the media manipulation behind the stories.

'Notorious' won't be in the same class as 'Conviction' or 'Scandal'

Vanity reviewed the series as a story similartoScandal with a few bits and bobs thrown in to make it slightly different and speculated thatABC might have aproblem running Conviction at the same time. While essentially they are the same types of drama,Vanity could be very wrong.Notorious is not likely to be in the same class as neither Scandal or Convictionhave the Larry King LIvedrive behind them and neither of them has a Wendy Walker behind the scenes.

So, can we expect this fictional series to really represent true life? Of all the crime and legal dramas on our television sets, in the instance of Notorious, it will probably be as close as to the truth that has been presented on any cable news network.

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