Notorious is about to premier and crime and legal series lovers are keen to tune into ABC on 22 September 2016, to see what is promising to be a "provocative look at the unique, sexy and dangerous interplay of criminal law and the media," according to the Futon Critic. The first episode is titled Pilot and this will kick start the 13 episode drama that looks to be ready to deliver all the best of law, media, courts, crime and intrigue.

With Josh Berman of CSI and Blacklist fame as the writer and executive producer, there is bound to be a large following of the series. 

A woman with power

Piper Perabo will play the part of Julia George, a Powerhouse TV producer and when it first airs onThursday, September 22 between 9 and 10pm EST on ABC, we can expect her to go after an exclusive scoop when she learns that high-powered media mogul Oscar Keaton (played by Kevin Zegers) is under an arrest warrant after fleeing a hit and run crime scene.

In pursuit of the story Oscar Keaton's lawyer and friend Jake Gregorian, played by Daniel Sunjata might feel Julia is blindsiding him, but Julia has a lot on her plate to think about apart from hurt feelings. Behind the scenes she will be juggling placing the networks president's son on an assignment, worrying about backstage antics, and she will be thinking about her fiance. Word is that there will be some surprising information about him in the first episode. 

Real life guest star

There will be a real life guest star who plays herself in the show and that will be Katie Couric, the Yahoo Global News Anchor.

With a principle cast of eight, there will be other guest stars, amongst them Kenneth Mitchell (Astronaut Wives Club) who will act the part of a police detective, and Matt Kaminsky (NCIS), Melissa Marty (TV Host) and Raquel Bell Johnson (actress) who will act as reporters. The Variety review of the show compared it to a similar take on Scandal with some "different bells and whistles," so the series should attract Scandal viewers.

The TV Addict wrote back in May, that ABC has teased viewers with the promise that Notorious will be about “control, ego, and power.”

Take a look at the series preview here:

It remains to be seen if Notorious will make the cut ahead of the other ABC series, Conviction, but the word is that this is going to be a very sexy show.

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