The new legal, crime and media series, "Notorious" premiered Thursday 22 September, and certainly delivered on the promise of "ABC" that it would be a 'sexy show.' That, it can be confirmed, was delivered right from the opening moments which saw Julia, acted by Piper Parabo, grabbing a 'quickie' off her boyfriend Eric Jessup in her office. Eric Jessup is arecently appointed Federal Judge, and it was predicted in the Blasting News spoiler published a week ago, that he would get caught out cheating on Julia with high class escorts and that she would dump him.

This prediction was true and indeed, he was given the 'heave-ho' by Julia and that little quickie turned out to be his last. He was ditched then and there after she confronted Eric with the proof of his infidelity.“I’m going to forget about you, Eric,” she tells him. “I’m going to forget I ever cared about you. I’m going to forget you ever mattered to me."

Lots more sexy moments in the first episode

There were lots more sex and sexy moments in the "Pilot" episode. There was of course, Megan who blew the lid on Eric's escort shenanigans, as she herself turned out to have a past with an escort service.

Other sexy scenes were built into the mega media news story aboutbillionaire Oscar Keaton played byKevin Zegers,who was accused of involvement in a hit and run. Just after they learn that the 15-year old victim of the hit and run had died, it emerges that, "oh by the way" Oscar's lawyer Jake is in love with Oscar's wife Sarah.

Who is having sex with who - oh boy!

Sarah and Jake have sex at Oscar's house while Julia in busy confronting Eric.

When the episode ended Julia had photos in her hand of Jake and Sarah having sex, and proof that Oscar is having an affair. So - yes, sexy, lots of sex and a strong and entertaining storyline overall.

The new series was eagerly awaited and so far comments coming in on Twitter about the first episode of "Notorious" are favorable. Already some fans are wishing the season was going to be longer. Patricia Brown posted up "I think Notorious should be at least 22 eps, instead of 13!!

I want a whole season!"

Other comments from new fans of the "Notorious" series are shown below:

There were also a few of the usual groaners, but overall the "Notorious Pilot" opening episode from ABC was sexy, fast paced and well received.

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