Oscar winner #Nicolas Cage has been churning out multiple films lately and appears as former U.S. intelligence officer Hank Forrester in the Oliver Stone film, “Snowden” currently in theaters. He will be filming two #thriller films this fall, “Inconceivable" featuring Faye Dunaway and Gina Gershon who starred with him in "Face Off" and an independent film, "Looking Glass."

The popular genre of thriller films

Inconceivable” follows a single mother, Katie and her daughter who move to a small town to begin a new life after suffering from abuse.

She meets Angela and her husband Brian (Cage) and befriends the couple. As time goes on, Katie’s behavior becomes questionable and Angela wonders if she is innocent or guilty of her deplorable actions. The film also stars Nicky Whelan who also starred with Cage in "Left Behind" and Natalie Eva Marie. Nick is also set to star in more upcoming films, "Southern Fury," another independent film,"Mom and Dad"the naval disaster movie, "USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage" which made its public debut at a press conference in Moscow this month, and the comedy about one man's hunt for terrorist Osama Bin Laden, "Army of One.


Looking Glass” is about a couple who purchases a motel after experiencing a tragic loss. They later discover unexplained disturbing events with one of the rooms. Dori Oskowitz, the director of several music video and commercials will direct from the script written by Jerry Rapp (“Mojave Phone Booth”) and Matthew Wilder who wrote the screenplay for Cage’s other dark film, “Dog Eat Dog” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this month and is due out in November.

Braxton Pope is producing the film and worked with Cage on the Las Vegas cop crime thriller, “The Trust.Delphine Perrier and Arrianne Fraser will serve as Executive Producers along with Cameron Jones (Executive Producer of Stephen Soderberg's "Traffic"), Jason Miller of Silver State Production Services and Mike Nilon of Link Entertainment.

No release date has been determined for both films.

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