Nick Viall is opening up about what makes him run for the hills if a woman is interested in him. "The Bachelor" 2017 star revealed three things he can't stand in relationships.It's hard to know if any of the contestants for his season are reading up on Nick right now to get last-minute tips. If not, hopefully they won't be into some of the biggest turn-offs Nick has when it comes to women and relationships!

Nick dishes his biggest turn-offs

Nick Viall told People magazine that one of his biggest turn-offs is baby talk.

"[It's] terrible," Nick said. "Like, nothing will ruin a moment like baby talk. That is not good."

He didn't reveal if he's been in a relationship where he suffered through baby talk. It's just not for some people.

Another trait Viall can't stand is tardiness.

"I don't like being late," the 35-year-old shared. "I mean, it's not the be-all, end-all – and I've never smoked a cigarette. That's pretty gross."

The ladies vying for Nick's affections on "The Bachelor" won't go the distance with Nick if they have any of the three issues he mentioned.

He needs a strong woman

Nick reveals in the interview that he wants a woman who has "confidence," but admits that can be hard to detect if they fake well. There are people good at hiding how confident they are until they're in a relationship for a while -- then the real person inside starts to show.Low confidence is hard on a relationship. So is overconfidence, which many contestants on seasons past of "The Bachelor" have exhibited!

Still, there's a middle ground. Nick went on to say that he wants a woman with a "strong personality," but not so much that she's unbearable. He describes himself as having "a big personality" and that he might be a lot for someone to deal with. He'd like to meet a woman who can "challenge" him, but not get overly frustrated. He explains that he needs someone who can "keep up" with him.

Nick Viall is already filming for the show.

Photos have already leaked online of him taping in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Reality Steve posted a photo of him in a parking lot shooting an intro -- and the Waukesha Public Library posted an image on Facebook of the film crew outside of the popular coffee shop, The Steaming Cup.

Reality Steve shared on Twitter that spoilers on who the contestants are will trickle out very soon.

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