Nick Viall talked about the Bachelor in Paradise season 3 finale and his love interest on the show, Jen Saviano. The 35-year-old from Milwaukee was announced earlier this week by ABC as the next Bachelor for 2017. It was a surprise twist that threw everyone after fans believed it would be Luke Pell or Chase McNary from JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette that would get the highly sought after gig.

The Bachelor in Paradise finale is next week and fans are dying to see how exactly the ending plays out. Obviously Nick isn't with Jen now if he's going on to star as The Bachelor. Those little facts don't keep viewers from wanting answers about what happened in between all of that!

What's in store for Nick and Jen on Bachelor in Paradise?

Nick Viall interviewed with Glamor magazine as filming with Bachelor in Paradise was winding down over the summer. The magazine released the article just days ago. He was asked what his thoughts were as far as a solid future with Jen Saviano goes.

"I am kind of holding off my answers in terms of [forever] because I have some soul-searching to do and decision-making," Nick said. "I definitely see a lot of potential with Jen, and honestly I’m not quite sure how I’m going to approach the finale."

Nick said he respects Jen and wants to make sure they're on the same page. He went on to say that they share mutual feelings in regards to how personal this journey is to them.

Spoilers for the Bachelor in Paradise are ambiguous as far as how exactly the ending for Nick Viall and Jen Saviano shakes out. What's known is the obvious news that they break up, but there were reports they continued seeing one another after the show ... which is what another source verified after it was learned that Nick would be the next Bachelor.

Lauren Himle opened up about what she witnessed between her good friend, Jen, and Nick while on Bachelor in Paradise. Himle was on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor and also appeared on BiP.Himle interviewed with 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit the morning after it was revealed that Nick was picked as The Bachelor 2017 lead.

Jen was perfect woman for Nick?

The 25-year-old from Ann Arbor, Michigan explains that Nick will have a hard time finding another woman as amazing as Jen. She spilled to the radio station that even after the show they were dating one another, but that Jen knew she was being manipulated towards the end. This all happened as recently as a week ago, so it's "fresh," as Himle describes it.

“I think he is going to have a hard time finding someone better than Jen,” Lauren said of Nick finding the right woman for him.

Will Nick Viall break Jen Saviano's heart on Bachelor in Paradise? If he does, will he live to regret it?

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