Viewers have watched this summer as Nick Viall and Jen Saviano started to fall for one another during Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. They decided to embrace the opportunity to have an overnight date together heading into Tuesday's finale, but fans know that something goes awry considering that he will be handing out roses this winter heading his own season for the franchise. What spoilers are available regarding what comes next for these two?

How doesBachelor in Paradise end for Nick and Jen?

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers via the previews and TV Guide tease that the remaining four couples will all face defining moments in their relationships during this last hour of Season 3.

One panicked bachelor is said to face a devastated lady as he explains his concerns, and while viewers will have to tune in to be sure, it sounds as if this related to Jen Saviano and Nick Viall. Previews tease that they may head down the path to a proposal, but Reality Steve's spoilers have indicated that they split and head home single.

However, Reality Steve says that Nick and Jen reportedly ended things on good terms and stayed close to one another after filming. Things seemed to become a bit hazy after that regarding whether or not they continued to date, but the gossip guru says that based on what he heard, Viall and Saviano were not a couple again once they left Mexico. Despite that, the buzz is that hearing that he scored the Bachelor gig left this Paradise gal pretty floored and not terribly happy.

A fellowBachelor in Paradise contestant blasts Nick

Jen's buddy and fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestant Lauren Himle chatted with CBS Detroit after the big announcement came out regarding the next Bachelorseason and she says that Jen and Nick were still dating and in a relationship until he dumped her to take ABC up on their offer to headline his own season.

Both Viall and Saviano are headed to Tuesday night'sAfter Paradise show and fans will be quite curious to hear what they both have to say.

Did you think that Nick Viall and Jen Saviano were a good match?Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that several other couples do get engaged and viewers cannot wait to see whether any of them will end up making it down the aisle at some point.

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