Ubisoft's long-running gaming franchise is finally getting the silver screen treatment. "Assassin's Creed" is the latest in the recent trend of the video game based films, following the footsteps of "Ratchet & Clank", "Angry Birds", and"Warcraft.""Ratchet & Clank" failed both critically and financially while "Angry Birds" and "Warcraft" managed to find some moderate box office success despitemiddling reviews. Michael Fassbender is the star of this latest video game filmand new promotional stills of him wearing his Assassins get uphave been leaked.

What is "Assassin's Creed?"

"Assassin's Creed" is a video game franchise developed by Ubisoft.

The series began development in 2003 as an intended spin-off of the critically acclaimed platformer, "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time." The team decided that the game would work much better without the Prince of Persia name and decided to create an entirely new franchise. The first game in the series was released in 2007 to rave reviews and spawnedcountless sequels, spin-offs, and novelizations. The series is well known for its use of real historical settings and figures and parkour running and jumping. These are elements that seem easily translatable to film.

Who is involved in the film?

"Assassin's Creed's" script has gone through several screenwriters. Credited contributorsinclude Michael Leslie, writer of the 2015 film adaption of "Macbeth", Adam Cooper & Bill Collage, two screenwriters who worked on "Exodus Gods and Kings", and Scott Frank, writer of Kenneth Branagh's 1991 thriller,"Dead Again." "Assassin's Creed" also boasts an impressive supporting cast including Jeremy Irons, Marion Cottilard, and Brandon Gleeson.

What is the film about?

Michael Fassbender plays Callum Lynch, a man with blood ties to an ancient society called "The Assassins."After being subjected toa mock execution, he is kidnapped by a powerful company namedAbstergo Industries. In an attempt to gather information onThe Assassins, AbstergoforcesLynchto relive the genetic memories of one of his descendants from The Spanish Inquisition.

"Assassin's Creed" is slated for a December 21st release of this year.

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