Fans of the movie Grease love this movie and can quote the entire thing front and back. Now a new fan theory is coming out that has fans of Grease confused and wondering if they have been missing something all along on this movie. Mirror shared about this new theory that went wild on Reddit and now has everyone talking about the movie Grease once again.

What is this new theory about Grease

If you remember, at the very end of the movie Sandy and Danny leave in a flying car.


Yes, this movie is full of music and crazy scenes, but this is the only thing that couldn't be reality. In the song Summer Lovin, Danny says the line "saved her life - she nearly drowned." Now this fan thinks that Sandy really did die that day on the beach. This person feels like Danny tried to save her and she saw this entire movie in her head during this time. The fan went on to explain that the car flying off at the end is Sandy going off to Heaven.

Another fan said they feel like Sandy might have killed herself near the end of the movie and the last part was a dream or her thoughts as she died.

This fan says the line "Goodbye to Sandra Dee" confirms what they are saying. 

Could this be the truth?

When it comes to the movie Grease, fans are now trying to figure out if this theory could be true. If you have seen Grease 2, they talk about Sandy and even say they have been in contact with her. If she was dead, this couldn't have happened at all. Michael in the movie is her cousin and Frenchie talked to Sandy to find out that he was going to be coming to school there.


It would also be crazy that after all of these years nobody figured this out at all. If Sandy was dead, there would have been more clues about it and fans would have figured this out years ago. Regardless, it has the fans talking and they will wonder this the next time that the watch the movie Grease

So what do you think of this new Grease theory? Do you feel like there is any way that Sandy was dead during the entire movie? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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