Netflix originals are ramping up their prominence with the digital streaming service. CFO David Wells attended theGoldman Sachs Communacopia Conference and according to him the company intends to raise their original content levels to 50%. Three years have passed since Netflix entered the original content business and now they look forward to even more.

Will price increase be worth it?

Customers will have to pay increased subscription fees, but this will be on a gradual basis as Netflix originals keep being added to the streaming service. According to Wells, it'll probablytake a couple of years before they obtain their goal.

There's also the matter of the pressure felt from investors thinking they would be under-priced. Wells noted that there's some time to go before this can happen.

"We’re a third to halfway to where we want to be. … We’ve got a ways to go," according to Deadline Hollywood.

Netflix originals may likely be a selling point for customers as it is, so it would make sense to have the original content as an option to already existing movies and TV shows.Early this year, Netflix had reported a weaker growth in subscribers which was due in part to the price increase announced last year. This was delayed for many members. It was expressed by Wells that although some had left the service, they do come back.

Non-US subscribers addressed

The Netflix CFO added that there's great demand for western content, however, he was questioned on the appeal of the service for overseas subscribers. Apparently, it's been toutedby the general public thatthe non-US Netflix subscriberis"screwed." Wells feels this is not accurate and ascribed to the viewership in the United States not being the highest in the world.

So this statement seems to have put things in perspective.

Original Netflix content impact

The Netflix original movies tend to havecontentthat helps round things out and seems to bepleased with Adam Sandler flicks as well as "a wide swath of smaller, more artistic, heavier" movies.That said, do you find the Netflix originals to be an appeasing selling point for increasing fees?

Would the gradual increase in original content parallel with the pricing even benoticeable?

For example, one would say that a certain niche of fandom would entail comic book enthusiasts. With the streaming service it looks like they are on par bybeing competitive. Juicy Netflix originals such as"Daredevil," "Jessica Jones," "Luke Cage,""Iron Fist," and "The Defenders" would indeed be an enticing measure to keep fans on board, right? "Stranger Things" is another that tickles the 80s nostalgia funny boneand has kept people hooked on this series and vying for more.

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