Netflix has pledged to release over 600 hours of original content in 2016 and "The Crown" seems to be leading the charge with a brand new trailer released today. "The Crown" which premieres on November 4, will portray Queen Elizabeth II’s life in full with Claire Foy playing the lead role as the queen. The series is set to last five seasons with an estimated budget of over $100 million. Each season will represent a different decade from Queen Elizabeth II's reign with the first season comprised of ten episodes.

Scripting The Drama

"The Crown" is created by Peter Morgan who is also responsible for "Frost/Nixon". Morgan also wrote about Queen Elizabeth in the 2007 film "The Queen" and the 2013 play "The Audience." He is not working in conjunction with the royal family, but he has interviewed numerous former employees and people close to the family for firsthand accounts. Morgan also has a team of six or seven people working full-time in a research room to ensure an accurate portrayal and to make sure that nothing is missed from Queen Elizabeth's life.

If the trailer is any indicator, the series seems to be prepared for the long haul.

A Star-Studded Cast

The cast of the new series appears to be quite impressive as well. Matt Smith ("Doctor Who") plays Prince Philip Mountbatten, while John Lithgow ("Dexter", "Interstellar", and "3rd Rock From The Sun") will be showing up as Sir Winston Churchill and King George VI is set to be played by Jared Harris ("Mad Men" and "Fringe").

Two Sides To The Queen

The new trailer for "The Crown" features cracks in the relationship between Elizabeth and Philip, as the young woman prepares for her ascendancy to the crown. Large portions of the first season will be devoted to showing the duality of Queen Elizabeth. She will struggle with realizing she can not remain the same person during her reign that she was before because of the public image of the crown that must be maintained.

Be sure to check out the new trailer above and add the show to your list in preparation for the release in a little over a month!

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