Tuesday night brings the Season 14 premiere of “NCIS and viewers are anxious for spoilers regarding where things are headed. Michael Weatherly has left the series, but some new faces will be added to the mix and it sounds as if things get off to quite the start in the September 20 premiere.

Season 14 of 'NCIS' skips ahead a few months

“NCIS” spoilers from TVLine share that the action will be skipping ahead a bit from where things left off during the Season 13 finale. A summer has passed, and DiNozzo's desk remains empty.

It seems that Gibbs will have been quite resistant to replacing DiNozzo, but Jennifer Esposito's Special Agent Alex Quinn will push for Gibbs to make a decision.

Wilmer Valderrama of “That '70s Show” will join the show as Special Agent Nick Torres and “NCIS” spoilers tease that both Torres and Quinn will be joining the team by the end of the premiere. TV Guide adds that Duane Henry, who guest starred as Clayton Reeves in previous episodes, becomes a regular in Season 14 as well.

Where are things headed this season on 'NCIS'?

Viewers will see McGee get a promotion, and “NCIS” spoilers tease that he will be proposing to Delilah early in Season 14. Bishop is back, and as the season progresses, viewers will see much more about her backstory and personal life. The premiere is titled “Rogue,” and the team will be investigating a car explosion that is tied to an agent's disappearance several months back.

It sounds as if this may be the catalyst for bringing Torres into the mix of things, as he is described as an undercover agent who has been off the grid for some time.

The series will definitely feel different to many viewers with Weatherly's absence, but those behind the show promise that it is still the series that fans have loved for so many years. Will these new cast additions be embraced by viewers?

Fans oftentimes show a bit of resistance to "NCIS" cast changes, but teasers indicate that the setup will give fans reason to invest in these new team members. Season 14 of “NCIS” kicks off on CBS on Tuesday, September 20 and fans cannot wait to get started.

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