If you are a fan of Netflix's Narcos, the chances are that you spent the bulk of last week binge-watching the second season of the historical drama series. We are still unsure about how many people actually watched Narcos, but it must have been quite significant because Netflix has already renewed the series for two more seasons. As the line from the new teaser reads - The blow must go on!

Investing on quality

Netflix has never been shy to take risks with its programming and invest heavily on projects it believes in. This faith has been on display recently when the organization revealed that Narcos would definitely have a season 3 and season 4, although we don't know if the series will be wrapping up after that point.

Future prospects

Those who have finished binging on Narcos season 2 must know by now that the series intends to take a different direction regarding their focus in the upcoming seasons. Pablo's story was always going to conclude in the second season, but that doesn't mean the Medellin and Cali cartel are done entertaining us with their antics.

Many individuals were already awaiting Pablo's departure patiently during season 2, and they will be vying for the top spot of drug kingpin of the world. We already know through historical events that a lot of intense situations developed in Colombia even after Pablo's death, and it will be interesting to see how Narcos ties these events into the current story.

Netflix has already done a great job introducing exciting new characters in season 2, but they will have to up their game big time in order to fill Wagner's shoes. The actor was unbelievably powerful in his portrayal of Pablo Escobar, and a suitable substitute needs to be found in order to keep the momentum moving forward.

Season 2 has overwhelmingly positive reviews thus far, sitting at a 100% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes after 17 reviews. Even the 264 user reviews thus far have given the show an approval rating of 95%, with both scores faring far better than the first season.

The third season of Narcos will be out in 2017, but here is the latest teaser from the series to hold you off until then.

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